6th 7th 8th MAY

This time it is Better Bigger Stronger

The Sicilian Carnival

The Sicilian Carnival is an event that focuses on the kids and spouses of BNI members. The kids and wives will be the stall owners. Marked by great music, fun themes, workshops by our members and other guests this event will potentially steal the show.

Sicilian Conclave & Business Exhibition

 A lot of us, even as BNI members, have no idea of the combined strength of our membership. This is an opportunity to get to know members outside your chapters, and really form some invaluable partnerships and relationships. We have planned an exciting keynote speaker, and the expo really provides an opportunity to showcase ourselves to at least 2000 people that trust us already either as individuals or as power teams!

BNI's Got Talent

You will be surprised as to how much talent there is amongst us, this is an opportunity of a lifetime to re-invigorate your latent talents, and showcase them if you make it to the finals to all of our community. After 2 years, we are doing this completely offline over the weekends.

The Sicilian Gala

 This is our big night! The awards night, where you are welcome with your spouses and kids to enjoy an evening with great food and some massive celebrations and at the same time witness the BGT finalists in action!


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